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Timex Bond’s aluminium composite sheets are defined by their meticulously made, ultra-precise and super sturdy surfaces. Before coming into existence, a sheet goes through multiple stages of blending, extrusion, calendaring, rolling, chilling and lamination.

A high resistance, stabilising coat is used to maintain its fresh appearance, forever.

ACP at a glance and its features

The Aluminium Composite Panels of today were invented in Europe and triggered by the need for a durable yet beautiful all cladding material that would add beauty and style to structures. Thus, ACP was devised as a panel in which polyethylene is sandwiched between two layers of Aluminium coil, and its top layer coated with PVDF resin based paint. Today, it offers a fresh ,ultra modern, beautiful and attractive look through its myriad colours and sleek finish. It is also available in different panel thickness like 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm.

ACP is primarily made of the following materials :
Protection Film
PVDF / Polyester Resin Based Coating
Primer Coating (used mainly in case of PVDF only)
Aluminium Coil
Adhesive Film (Polyolefin)
Polyethylene Core
Adhesive Film (Polyolefin)
Polyethylene Core
Service Coating (Anti-corrosive)

It has a smooth and impeccable surface owing to its flawless texture that is controlled by :
State-of-the-art equipment used in its production
Strict control maintained on the accuracy of its dimensions-flatness
     and thickness
Its rigidity upheld by the use of superior quality material

It is high on strength yet lightweight and a top-class, wind-resistant cladding material owing to :
Two layers of materials like Aluminium and Polyethylene that are lighter than
    other materials and still have strength to withstand extreme weather conditions

Its durability and luxurious surface coating is sustained by factors like :
4 ingredients - Solvent (55%), Pigment (12-15%), Additives (1-2%), and Binder
    (30% of coating out of which PVDF is 70% of binder)
The Panel is coated with PVDF resin based paint that provides better paint
    adhesion & flexibility, resistance from weather, alkali, acid & chalking, gloss
    retention and ability to resist UV. This ensures that the color stays and resists
    any sort of fading for a longer period.
Superior quality PVDF paints for exterior grade panels with Polyester paint for
    interior grade panels by Becker is used for a sleek finish.

It's installation is an absolutely hassle-free process mainly because :
The tools required for installation are very smple
The labour involved in installation is much lesser therefore serves as a
     cost-effective solution
In effect, the east installation process helps raise efficiency of the labour

A glimpse of the process

Can be seen here :










PVDF Paint Coating
PVDF coating has a bouquet of benefits that are an essential part of the quality we offer in our wide rango of ACPs. Some of the advantages the coating gives you are :

Super weather-ability
PVDF coating has a special advantage in weather resistance. PVDF Aluminium Composite Panels can maintain the best appearance, whatever is the climate extremely hot or frigid.

High peel strength, advanced technology and raw materials have made our PVDF Aluminium Composite Panels famous at top national levels. The peel strength of our PVDF ACP has always exceeded national standards.
Impact resistance
This carbon / Fluorine bond, one of the strongest molecular bonds known, is the key to Kynar 500 resin’s unsuppressed thermal, chemical and ultraviolet resistant properties. Timex Bond uses PVDF coating which is from Kynar 500 and that is (Min 70%).
Even Coating and customized colour
With a combination of carbon-fluroine bonds (providing stability) and carbon-hydrogen bonds, a unique structure with balance properties is created that makes PVDF particular suitable PVDF is inherently inert and has the ability to withstand long-term gamma and radiation resulting in excellent color and gloss retention without chalking. PVDF also resists acids, alkalis and oils.
Maintenance free
Timex Bond PVDF are used in heavily polluted areas, users just need to use the neutral detergent to keep the panel in new appearance.

Kynar 500 has following properties :

Resistance to Nuclear Radiation
High Thermal & Chemical Resistance
High Electrical Resistivity
Resistance to UV Light
Low Refractive Index
High Purity
Good Abrasion Resistance
Good Moisture and Fungus Resistance
Exceptional Weathering Resistance
Low Surface Energy
Low Coefficient of Friction


Strong Adhesive, Film
TIMEX BOND panels adopt the first grade adhesive film supplied by DU PONT. Film thickness is >80 micron for0.50mm aluminium sheet and 50 micron for 0.25mm aluminium sheet. The adhesive used is of good quality and aids the durability and strength of the Aluminium Composite Panels.

Today, we see a beautiful business complex and imagine how far architecture has come! Those shiny, beautiful panels on the exterior, which enhance the look of corporate buildings, are ACPs. At Timex Bond we have revolutionized the designing of modern buildings with a wide range of ACPs.

From Malls, multiplexes, display boards, balcony and canopy cladding they are widely used, durable and are easy to install. Made up of non- toxic core, firmly bonded with fine aluminium facing and backing sheets, they are largely famous due to being fire resistant, light weight, rigid, corrosion resistant and act as thermal/sound insulators.

Timex Bond is simple and easy way of shearing, punching, rooting, bending, curving, sawing, drilling, joining or hot-air welding and can be fixed with screws, rivets or bolts with standard tools and basic techniques. Timex Bond can be fabricated either in the workshop or on site. Both indoor and outdoor decorations can be implemented simultaneously so as to raise working efficiency and short working time.



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